HR Testing Solution

CSP HR Testing Solution

Our HR testing solution lets you easily design skills tests to help in your Human Resources selection process. CSP Solutions is here to ensure you save time by not having to deal with correcting, searching and archiving.

The main features are:

  1. Automatic test correction.
  2. Allows correcting Essay questions.
  3. Questions can be shuffled and questions’ pool created
  4. Allows selection between multiple tests, based on applicants profiles.
  5. Allows determining time spent answering particular questions.
  6. Allows printing and exporting applicants’ reports.
  7. Allows specifying a time limit per test, after which applicants are automatically logged off by the system.
  8. Allows adding time break between tests.
  9. Allows the customization of messages for applicants before and after the exam starts.

This solutions offers a wealth of advantages:

Allows applicants to undertake examination monitored at the your company.

Is dynamic reliable solution enhancing users’ trust and confidence in the solution.

Our software provides connectivity with other business applications using a cross platform API.

Integrates fully with any existing software installed at your firm.

Has a very user friendly interface, allowing companies to work easily and comfortably with the software.

Usability is one of the key aspects of this product.


Can be easily customized to meet customers needs. The solution permits total customization.

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