Nabidh Integration Service

The necessity for NABIDH Integration is more urgent than ever! It’s high time to embrace it via a reliable, effortless, and economical procedure, isn’t it?
Fear not, we stand ready to assist you.

NABIDH Integration is a trailblazing initiative in the realm of healthcare integration services for all health institutions in Dubai. NABIDH’s role in unifying the healthcare landscape of Dubai is significant and it aims to foster a better-informed and more interconnected community. The Dubai government is now mandating that all healthcare providers must integrate their EMR systems with the NABIDH service, and this integration needs to be completed in the near future.

That’s where we come in!

We’re here to provide you with the support you need in this situation. Our team of consultants is prepared to manage the entire integration operation on your behalf.

We’ll take care of everything from defining the extent of healthcare integration necessities, undertaking the comprehensive messaging structure, and conducting tests to delivering a fully integrated system model utilizing a range of expert tools.

Why should use CSP Healthcare Middleware for your Nabidh integration?
1. We can construct integrations with your existing EHR/EMR/HIS or other clinical softwar.
2. Our team handles the engine configuration.
3. We provide thorough HL7 testing.
4. We ensure meticulous NABIDH integration testing.
5. We conduct exhaustive inbound/outbound integration testing.
6. Our team employs comprehensive end-to-end integration methodologies.
7. We offer steadfast support after implementation.
8. We’re proficient in integration protocols such as HL7, FHIR, XML, and many others.
9. You have continous support