Device Integrations

Device Integration:

CSP Solutions Device communicator (CSP DC) is a device communication software that enables hardware devices connected to the user computer to communicate with web sites hosted on the internet.

Our solution communicates with medical devices as well other devices. CSP DC helps users have full control while recording voice on the internet directly from their recording device and press (record, pause, rewind, forward, and play ) on the device without using the keyboard or mouse, this saves time for doctors since they record and pause many times.

CSP DC Features

  • Allows two-way communication between devices and websites hosted on the internet.
  • Supports Philips SpeechMike buttons (record, pause, rewind, forward, and play ) with web applications.
  • Supports Philips Foot Pedal buttons (play, pause, rewind, and forward) with web applications.
  • Allows websites to communicate with photo scanners and directly upload photo to website.

CSP DC Allows companies to connect devices with websites, and improves user experience and interaction.

We currently support full communication between web applications and many devices:

  • Philips Speechmike
  • Philips Foot Pedal
  • Philips DPM
  • Multi-tray Printers
  • Scanners

Some of the supported devices:

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