Microsoft Windows Azure Services


We provide Microsoft Windows Azure services
– Servers hosting and configuration services
– Azure Apps Development services
– Azure Apps scalability services

Apps development and scalability services for businesses who want to build and manage business-grade web applications. Microsoft Windows Azure platform is a great choice for cloud based web applications, that want to scale effectively.

We provide the following:

Developing cloud based web applications for Windows Azure
Developing mobile apps that communicates with Windows Azure Mobile Services
Integrating with third-party software systems

We can help your business by providing a comprehensive detailed plan based on your business requirements, and executing the plan in a defined set of milestones.


We help your business integrate your Windows Azure application with third party software within your business, using CSP Middleware.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)
We provide service level agreements formally defined according to your business requirements and needs, we can provide development services as well bug fixing, and other scalability services on demand.

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