Dragon® Medical Network Edition

Dragon® Medical Network Edition
Is a leading front-end speech recognition solution for provider organizations that creates a dramatically improved physician experience, saving physicians 20 minutes or more of documentation time per day. Dragon Medical Network Edition enables easy, centralized user management and enhanced dictation performance while running an EHR in any virtualized environment. The fastest and most accurate Dragon Medical ever.
1)   Integrated with all the Major HIS Vendors
2)   More than 200,000 Physicians using it world wide
3)   Middle East we have Dragon Medical User Licenses
4)   With Return on Investment (ROI) within Months.
5)   Improves clinical documentation reaching flawless level of medical reports and patient information
We believe in today’s financial crisis this solution is an investment which will help healthcare organization to increases the productivity and reduce the Turn Around Time and Administrative Overhead by creating a medical report in real time within few minutes with 99% accuracy and with more than 90+ Medical Vocabularies.
Demo of the software