Cyprus-Lebanon Business Forum

CSP Healthcare Entering Cyprus

About The Forum

“The Cyprus-Lebanon Business Forum is basically a congress and an exhibition where Cypriot and Lebanese industrialist, entrepreneurs and businessmen will be demonstrating their products to possible investors and businessmen.” Stated: The Cyprus – Lebanon Business Forum (2016)

The forum has been held to better enhance business relations between Cyprus and Lebanon. The forum was held for 4 days, during which Lebanese and Cypriot ministers attended and spoke about bringing companies with high expertise to conjoint efforts in bettering economic statuses.

George Shahwan one of the founders of the forum said: “Participating in this conference is a delegation of more than 200 economic figures in all sectors and is one of the largest delegations in the history of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon.”

CSP’s Healthcare Role

CSP Healthcare being a market leader in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and as one of its missions which is to improve patient care in clinics and hospitals around the world, this Forum was an excellent opportunity to enter the Cypriot market and help in enhancing and advancing hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ practices.

By helping them:

  1. Standardize your hospital with latest ICD 10 codes
  2. Centralize your patients’ data in all your hospital locations
  3. Empower your doctors to access from anywhere at anytime
  4. Perform data statistics on drug usage, health problems, or other
  5. Benefit from Terabytes and Petabytes of data to store your radiology files and other files
  6. Connect all departments within your hospital Billing, Labs, Medical Records, others

Mr. Rabeeh Abla CEO of CSP Healthcare attended the forum for the propose of bringing Absolute EMR to Cyprus in order to lead the forward movement of enhancing healthcare in Cyprus with EMR, a move into the future of healthcare. Not a stone left unturned, while in the forum Mr. Abla did several interviews with TV news stations such as TL (Television Lebanon) and Future TV, additionally speaking to ministers about enhancing  the healthcare industry just as CSP Healthcare has been doing in countries in the U.S and Mena Region, and Europe.

We invite you to come witness our service, quality and ethics.

CSP Healthcare~Improving Patient Care