Modular Turnkey Solutions

Advantages at a glance

  • The mobile CSSD may be purchased or leased. Modules, technical and medical equipment are fully leasable.
  • Considerably reduced construction/renovation time for the CSSD, as the work is not hampered by ongoing operation in the CSSD. Construction/renovation time may be reduced by up to 50% by moving the CSSD-department into a mobile unit.
  • Considerable cost savings due to the fact, that – other than in case of a renovation during ongoing operation – no elaborate measures for hygiene protection are necessary.
  • Operation in the CSSD is not hampered by the construction/renovation work.
  • No noise pollution for CSSD personnel during construction/renovation.
  • The process organisation within the CSSD department may be reproduced in the mobile unit.
  • Short set-up time for the mobile unit versus time consuming installations to separate construction sections during ongoing operation in the CSSD.
  • Full capacity in the mobile CSSD versus limited capacity in case of construction/renovation during ongoing operation.

Considerably reduced construction time

Up to 90 % of the CSSD are prefabricatedAssembly at site and commissioning is effected within a few days. Thus, emissions at the site are cut back and on-site traffic is reduced by up to 90% compared to brick-and-mortar construction or conventional renovation.

High flexibility and sustainability

Buildings may be extended, raised, relocated, dismanteled or modified for other functions at any time, which allows for an easy adaption to future requirements. All building materials are recyclable.