CSP Solutions Healthcare Analytics Nationwide Software Solution

CSP Solutions had the opportunity to work with the MOPH Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon in 2018 and with the World-bank to develop an effective and efficient statistical system that will foster evidence-based policy-making and effective monitoring of the health sector.

CSP Solutions chose Microsoft Power-bi as a solution for the healthcare analytics with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services.

CSP Solutions had to integrate with multiple healthcare systems at MOPH, and allow connectivity to different data sources, in order provide effective monitoring of the health sector in Lebanon.


Among the main obstacles, facing the Ministry of Public Health is the lack of timely and reliable data to monitor the situation and adequately plan for development interventions. This is especially critical in the health sector with the increase in communicable diseases and escalating demand and cost of health services. Against this background, addressing data gaps is needed to better understand the constraints and opportunities in defining core development goals.

The MoPH statistical system has limited capacity to generate adequate flow of data to support decision making towards achieving equity and efficiency in the health sector, largely due to lack of personnel and a fragmented information system.

As such, the MoPH is requesting to strengthen the capacity of the Statistics Department (SD) by putting in place an effective and efficient statistical system that will foster evidence-based policymaking and effective monitoring of the health sector.


The objective of this assignment is to design an ICT system to ensure interoperability among diverse electronic health records and databases including unification of patient identification numbers to facilitate statistical analyses for evidence-based decision-making and to serve as a main repository of health sector data ready for analysis and dissemination.

CSP Solutions dedicated teams of professionals, including BI developers, database architects, and C# developers. To develop this solution for the ministry of health using Microsoft technologies, Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft SSIS. An ASP.NET MVC 5 web application was developed using C# as central administration and KPI portal for the ministry to manage KPIs and to allow the public to view and download data for select KPIs.


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