CSP Solutions Exam Manager



CSP Exam Manager® enables both global, local, or dual applicant registration options through the internet, at the company, or both, depending on company policy. Allows applicants to undertake examination online, or monitored at the company.

Reliability and stability:

CSP Exam Manager® provides the most efficient way to build examination and capture talent. It helps eliminating paperwork, and offering a more efficient and automated recruiting process.
CSP Exam Manager® helps in selecting successful candidates for interviews, and eliminating time wasted interviewing unsuitable applicants through specific filters, grading, and company-specific requirements.
CSP Exam Manager® enables companies to create thorough examination, that will help companies reduce risks related to hiring unneeded, incompetent, or irrelevant talents.
CSP Exam Manager® helps companies in identifying useful traits in applicants, by allowing companies to test applicants online using special personality assessment and cognitive abilities, determining individual traits later scrutinized by Recruitment Specialists, in preparation for face-to-face meetings.
CSP Exam Manager® is very mature stable software product, this property gives CSP Exam Manager® users a feel of trust and confidence, that this software product is not just a tool, but a solutions for their business.


Our software provides interoperability with other business applications. This is a characteristic of the product architecture we offer, and the technology behind its operation.


CSP Exam Manager® adopts are very user friendly interface, to allow companies to work, easily and relaxed when using the software.
CSP Exam Manager® usability is one of the key aspects of this product, CSPSolutions have consulted many professionals in the human resources and education domains, in order to design the most usable and efficient interface.
CSP Exam Manager® can be customized to meet clients companies needs, our product is agile in its design, architecture and the technology behind it.
CSP Exam Manager® permits total customization of all and any data field, “look and feel” such as logo, among other things.