Internet of Things

IoT is a group of connected electronic devices that are embedded in objects, like home devices, factories, vehicles, buildings, and other, and communicate with each other through the IoT platform over the internet.

With its own analytic system IoT offers all who integrate this technology:

  1. Reports on the machine.
  2. Full analysis of performance.
  3. Big data being cut down into smaller and more precise data.
  4. Can detect any chances to improve efficiency of the machine.
  5. Detects any disruption in data flow and notifies you directly to avoid any problems.

IoT has been an ever growing concept since 1999 when the concept of it was first founded by Kevin Ashton a technologist. Since then, with the ever increasing demand on smart technologies the demand on technologies with IoT platform increased. It is truly an evolution of mobile – home – industry application that better enhances the capabilities on any set of machines it is connected to. Big possibilities come from analyzing the data across the system.

CSP Solutions are one of the first companies in Lebanon that are integrating the use of IoT. CSP applied this to manufacturing companies based in Lebanon. By integrating its fully customized IoT platform for the company, it enhanced their capabilities by:

  1. Reduced manufacturing faults.
  2. Increased efficiency.
  3. Lowered costs.
  4. Tracking of progress on workflow.
  5. Tracking of projects progress.
  6. Pin point problems that affect workflow and solve it.
  7. Improved the manufacturing processes

That is just a small list of what IoT can offer your company. With CSP’s customization we can transform your company into the future. Improve your operational efficiency in existing business processes. Optimize operation = satisfy your customers = grow your business.
IoT does not just optimize the manufacturing process of your company but also can be applied to multiple departments to connect all the business together no matter the location. Unifying your business whether it is solely based in your country at different locations or also internationally.

Organize your warehouse with IoT by:

  1. Stream line inventory management.
  2. Tracking inventory.
  3. Staff management.
  4. Monitor all warehouse movement of items.
  5. Optimize the organization of inventory.
  6. Decrease duplicates and lost items.
  7. Track progress of item loading and dispatch.

Let CSP take your company into the future today with our fully customizable application of IoT for your business.
We invite you to come witness our service, quality and ethics.

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