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CSP Solutions Philosophy

In our world technology is replacing and automating manual processes in order to increase revenue, solve problems and improve the quality of work. By shifting the focus on what is unique and important for each company or industry, and automating…

CSP Solutions Exam Manager

Benefits: Flexibility: CSP Exam Manager® enables both global, local, or dual applicant registration options through the internet, at the company, or both, depending on company policy. Allows applicants to undertake examination online, or monitored at the company. Reliability and stability:…

CSP Solutions helped us in our IT needs, and provided us with great service and solutions.

— Jacqueline Moukheiber Managing Partner Leap Consult

CSP Solutions give developers a great name, their dedication, cutting-edge talent, professionalism and passion for development is not something that we have previously come across in our 10+ years of experience

— Farah Nowaihed Art Director KREE8IT

CSP Solutions helped us to manage our customers information inside the company, and provided us with great service.

— ZIAD EL-KHOURY Managing Partner EKP Legal