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CSP provided Honeywell with healthcare middleware allowing connecting their existing health solutions with hospital applications

CSP Building AI Solutions for Abu Dhabi Police

CSP building AI on the Edge with onpremise LLMs for Dubai Customs

Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in UAE

As technology continues to advance, the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot be overemphasized. AI has become an integral part of many businesses, and companies that are not leveraging AI risk being left behind. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE)…


CSP, a leading provider of enterprise AI solutions and implementation services, recently participated in the World AI Show where they showcased their latest innovations in the field of AI. The event provided an excellent platform for CSP to connect with…

CSP helped Bankiom by providing IT Managed Services, as setting the digital bank software architecture

CSP helped SURV Linguistics by providing IT Managed Services, as well developing customer Resource Management Software solution

CSP Provided Siraj with Microsoft Azure Managed Services, by managing an existing Oracle ERP implementation and moving it into Microsoft Azure Cloud

CSP Provided Omina with senior technical experienced team(s) to help them in team leading software apps and integrations and on Microsoft Azure