CSP Clients Success Stories

Ministry of Public Health

We developed health analytics solution at the level of Lebanon, The objective of was to design an ICT system to ensure interoperability among diverse electronic health records and databases including unification of patient identification numbers to facilitate statistical analyses for evidence-based decision making and to serve as a main repository of health sector data ready for analysis and dissemination.

The goal was to turn this hospital to paperless, by customizing and deploying an Electronic Medical Records solution and customizing it for ophthalmologists, as well integrate it with existing hospital software system. The solution included scanning medical records and storing them into the EMR


Fransabank Sal
Fransabank Sal. We helped Fransabank to automate all their entrance exam tests, and eliminate the time wasted correcting tests, by deploying CSP Solutions Exam Manager Solution.

We also helped Fransabank to integrate their HRMS with our software product using CSP middleware solution.


Dunkin Donuts
Dunkin Donuts Lebanon, we helped Dunkin Donuts with their customer feedback solution by developing a full customer feedback solution for customers to rate their experience using a pad in every branch, as well we provided them with customized analytics per branch, for marketing and management.

Origin Speech Australia
We developed Origin Speech “speech recognition” workflow web app for Speech Solutions Australia, using Nuance Speech Anywhere 360

mHealth App-of-the-Month: Origin Speech Developed was by CSP Solutions from ground up.
Nominated as the app of the month on Nuance Communications


ACE Intranet and Time sheet solution
We developed and deployed an Intranet and time sheet solution for ACE, to allow them manage their Holidays, events, contact directory, business definitions, as well allow every employee to add their time sheet.

Facevalue Australia
We helped facevalue Australia, by developing the system from the early stages, and building the system using the latest Microsoft technologies. The challenge was to build a system that can grow to handle millions of users.

We deploy and customized CSP Task dispatcher and Load balancer to fetching cv(s) and resume(s) from SEEK – Australia job portal. As well we have provided an asynchronous integration with YouTube allowing users to upload their videos.


EKP Legal
EKP Legal sal. After carefully studying their business requirements, we successfully deployed our CRM solution, and optimized their sales process.


Treats brands
We helped treats brands by developing and deploying CSP franchiser management system to assist them in managing franchisee per brand, country or region, and have the power to manage information and multimedia files and events. Readily accessible with our customized dashboards and custom modules on demand.


Genie Solutions – Integration
Middleware integration with Genie Solutions EMR in Australia, using CSP Solutions middleware we synchronize data between your system and Genie Solutions EMR.


HCN Health Communication Network – Integration
Middleware integration with Blue chip EMR in Australia, using CSP Solutions middleware we synchronize data between your system and Blue chip EMR.


Houston Medical Software – Integration
Middleware integration with Houston Medical VIP EMR in Australia, using CSP Solutions middleware we synchronize data between your system and Houston Medical VIP EMR.

Medicare Australia

Medicare Australia – Integration
Medicare integration for EMR/EHR for Electronic Medical Record systems. We have developed a Microsoft .Net SDK for Medicare as well web API to interface with Medicare, this is useful to allow software integrators to easily integrate Medicare with their web and mobile apps.


Mims Australia – Integration
We have developed a web API to interface with Mims, this is useful to allow software integrators to easily integrate Mims with their web and mobile apps.