3M™ M*Modal Fluency for Imaging

• #1 KLAS Category Leader, Speech Recognition: Imaging, 2020
• Intelligence-driven documentation and workflow management system with
integrated reporting to improve quality, compliance and cost control
• Real-time and proactive assistance for radiologists to ensure complete and
compliant documentation

Advanced speech reporting with real time CAPD

3M™ M*Modal Fluency for Imaging is a complete clinical documentation and workflow management solution that combines advanced front end speech recognition technology and integrated productivity enhancing tools for the faster creation of higher quality diagnostic interpretations. Computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD) delivers continuous physician support to close patient care and clinical documentation gaps.

Business intelligence and analytics

Built on our natural language understanding platform, 3M™ M*Modal Scout is a business intelligence and analytics solution that supports administrators charged with improving patient throughput, compliance and cost control. One system delivers tactical operational and clinical tools, and more strategic management capabilities to help you meet your organizational goals.

AI-powered clinical documentation
With rapidly increasing costs, lower reimbursements and an ever-evolving
regulatory environment, radiology practices and departments are struggling
to remain competitive and relevant. To deliver newer models of care, it
is necessary to enhance the speed and accuracy of reporting, streamline
workflows and improve decision-support capabilities.

3M™ M*Modal Fluency for Imaging is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered,
complete clinical documentation and workflow management solution. It
combines advanced speech recognition technology, structured reporting and
integrated productivity tools for faster creation of higher-quality diagnostic
interpretations. The solution preserves radiologists’ natural workflow and turns
their dictation into accurate, electronic documents that are structured, clinically
encoded, searchable and shareable.

Additional care-specific content from external systems can be automatically
added to the clinical document to eliminate the need for a radiologist to dictate
this information, resulting in improved efficiency and report quality.

Avoid rework with proactive feedback
With built-in computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD) capability,
3M Fluency for Imaging also provides the real-time and proactive feedback
radiologists need to prevent documentation deficiencies and care gaps. This
automated and proactive nudge is delivered to the radiologist prior to report
signing. If the feedback loop detects a critical finding, it will immediately initiate
the appropriate critical finding workflow.

By correcting any discrepancies on the front end, downstream processes like
ICD-10 compliance and quality reporting are more accurate. Radiologists can
be notified of non-compliance with actionable test result reporting, gender
and laterality inconsistencies, etc., at the time of report creation.